Residential Inspections

Whether you are buying or selling a home, Insight Home Inspection will provide the service you need to make informed decisions throughout the process. We know that buying a home can be overwhelming and we are here to help. Home inspections are an important part of the home buying process because you need to know what the true condition of the home is, before you invest.

An inspection is more than just looking around and noting cosmetic deficiencies. It’s an inspection of the major systems of the home and how they are performing. These systems include the electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, roof and foundation. Having a quality inspection will allow you to understand any repairs that are needed as well as any expenses you may need to budget for in the future. More importantly, it gives you the information you need to be an informed buyer or seller.

Insight Home Inspection uses the most recent standards and best practices when evaluating your home and its systems. We also use the latest technology to help provide a more thorough and complete inspection. We evaluate every home with Thermal Imaging at no additional cost. This technology assists us in finding issues that an ordinary inspection might miss, such as moisture behind walls, electrical circuits that are overheating or obstructed vents.

We utilize Drones to inspect areas of the roof that would otherwise be inaccessible, allowing for more complete and accurate results. We use moisture meters to determine if there is moisture intrusion into areas of the home. This is important as moisture is one of the largest contributors of structural damage. We have invested into these technologies because we want to provide you with the most advanced and comprehensive home inspection on the market.

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